Odyssey Inventory

Our inventory typically includes various semiconductor peripheral equipment available for resale. Call us to check on our available:

If you need a spare unit that is not on our list, please contact us. We are here to help!


Manufacturer Model Description # Available
Applied Materials 0010-09416 Automatch, MXP, 13.56Mhz 2
Applied Materials 0010-36162 Automatch, MXP+, 13.56Mhz 1
Astex / GAE / AGL / Gerling C13170 Microwave Generator, 2.45 Ghz 1
Comdel CPS-1001 RF Generator, 13.56Mhz 1
ENI GEW-2527 RF Generator, 27.1Mhz 1
ENI GMW-25A-2D0F3N0-003 RF Generator, 1.8-2.17 MHz 1
ENI MWD-25LD-02 Automatch, 13.56Mhz 1
ENI OEM-12B RF Generator, 13.56Mhz 1
ENI OEM-25B-01 RF Generator, 13.56Mhz 1